IRC Messages are not being delivered to the channels

The messages appears in the IRC but does not being delivered to the actual channel.
It’s being delivered only to MY channel, but not to my user’s channels.
Is there any option to check why?
The logs doesn’t show any errors

Make sure the channel name is in all lowercase letters.

Already done. As I told, from the tech perspective - everything is just fine.

What did you try to send?

Did you get any Notice’s back over IRC when sending?

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To send a message on Twitch via IRC will look something like this.

PRIVMSG #<channel>: <message>

You have to make sure you are connected to the persons channel you are trying to send the message to in the first place or the message will not send. I assume this is your issue if you constructed the message properly in the example above.

Your semicolon is misplaced. It should be PRIVMSG #<channel> :<message>

You can send messages to a channel without joining first.

Can you chat in the other users channels when logged into the bot account via the web site? Just to make sure it’s not muted for some reason.

It might also help to see your code.

Oh, that’s right. It definitely has been awhile since I messed with Twitch’s IRC network :nerd_face:

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