IRC rate limit increase form still active?

On the IRC documentation guide, there is a form to increase rate limits for IRC and whispers: Limit Increase | Twitch Developers

It says you will be emailed the results within 3-5 business days, but I had filled it out a couple months ago and received no accepted or rejected response. Are requests via this form still responded to?

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Yes, I have also been waiting for months for my bots to be verified. Currently have 5 bots waiting.

Twitch don’t always respond with an email to limit increases, so check for yourself to see if you’ve been granted is_verified_bot or is_known_bot status using the endpoint<CHANNEL_ID>/chat

If you haven’t been granted either status it could be that your bot doesn’t meet the requirements for that stuats (for example, there’s very few legitimate reasons for a bot used only on a few channels to need that status).

I would have no issue with receiving a rejected response indicating my request was at least reviewed - the concern is getting no response whatsoever.

I use a bot that automatically pings me in chat when my bot is verified. None of my bots have been verified as yet.

Looks like an update was published about it: An update for the delayed bot verification request process - Announcements - Twitch Developer Forums

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Cheers, should bode well.

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My guess would be that it won’t be good news. I knew a few people that abused the verified bot status for the reason of spamming. I think the update will only serve to make it more difficult for accounts to get the verified bot status.

With the number of devs erroneously requesting verified status thinking it would help the use whispers, hopefully this announcement will encourage those developers to seek a more appropriate means of communication rather than using whispers.

And for those who request it for an increase in message rate limit, it could be time well spent considering how to better design a bot to handle the existing rate limit, as unless you’re on dozens/hundreds of high activity channels the bot shouldn’t need anything more than the default rate limit.

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