IRC rate limits queries

In the middle of building rate limiting for my bot before distributing it. Just a query regarding the rates as this is the one thing I’m not clear on. I’m aware of the 20 messages per 30 seconds for non-mods, 100 for mods and the rate is shared so you send 50 on mod then 1 on non-mod you get 8-hour’d. I’m also aware this restriction is on a per-connection basis.

Okay, so this period of time. How is it measured? Assuming modded, If I send 100 messages in 1 second, then 30 seconds later I can send 100 again? Assuming not modded, 20 in 1 second, 30 seconds later, 20 more?
This is how I’m currently imagining it, so I am designing the rate limiter to store the last 100 messages and query it about when (if modded) the 100 previous message was.
Will this cause me any problems?

Another question I had for the rates is if there’s a grace period between mod to non-mod on the rate limits. Say my bot doesn’t receive the UNMOD message straight away as they are cached and sent in bulk, I won’t know until maybe 10 seconds afterwards that I’m no longer actually a mod. Perhaps I can do this using the tags though and/or kraken API.

Finally, very rare case scenario. Can I have 2 connections from the same IP in the same channel and be modded and send 100 messages from 1, then 100 messages from the other?

It is best to rate limit it so for any given 30-sec, there wont be more than 19 or 20 messages, which I understood you’ve already done. There is no grace period after being unmodded, so multi-channel bots should not use the higher 100 limit at all.

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