Irc: "\s" letter in the end of "display-name"

for some users i got line like this

@color=#FF0000;display-name=ronnibrian\s;emotes=;subscriber=0;turbo=0;user-type=;user_type= :ronnibrian! PRIVMSG #showdown1983 :hey Fernando Alonsos

as you see, display-name in the end has “\s”, it happens always, only saw this issue with 2 usernames so far

is it mean something, or just a bug?

Spaces are not allowed in tags as per spec, so spaces are escpaed to \s. A list of all characters that are escaped is located here

Just as a quick note: some display names have spaces, but they shouldn’t. I assume that there is/was some glitch that allowed users to add arbitrary space before or after their name, so I suggest trimming whitespace off all display names.

The only users whom have display names different from their actual usernames are some Twitch staff, in which case there might be multiple words separated by a space (for example, “sournothardcore” is “Sour Not Hardcore”).

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