IRC via websockets or IRC via IRC

Howdy, I have written a bot for myself that a great number of people have shown interest in using so I am going to package it up in a way that makes it actually possible for others to use.

Right now it uses straight IRC but I have heard (in these forums) that the direct IRC interface will eventually be discontinued in favor of websockets. To that end i’ve begun re-writing my bot to use websockets.

So I am learning websockets, I downloaded the simple websocket chrome extension to get my feet wet and I noticed that ws:// closes the connection as soon as a request is finished.

So for example if you use the simple websocket chrome extension to connect to ws:// and then for the request enter: CAP REQ it replies with CAP * ACK

but if i try to send the PASS oauth: nick join commands to get into my channel it doesn’t do anything.

Does anyone have any ideas?

It’s news to me that Twitch is going to remove raw IRC in favor of Websockets. I mean they even only just moved chat to new servers, including better support (SSL) for raw IRC as well, so I doubt they would get rid of it anytime soon. Also turning off raw IRC would break so many third-party tools (probably including any non-web apps of Twitch itself), so they’d probably need a really good reason to do so.

Maybe someone misunderstood something? I know when Whispers where introduced it was mentioned that they are going to move those off IRC eventually (although now they were moved to the new servers as well, so maybe they intend to keep them after all, which would make sense because a lot of third-party tools are already using them).

As for your issue, what extension are you using? I tried IRC via Websockets in Java recently and it worked as expected.

Regular IRC isn’t going anywhere any time soon. As far as I know the site still uses it in case the browser does not support websockets or the websocket connection fails for some other reason.


Right now all I am trying to do is get a POC working in the chrome Simple WebSocket client.

I think the issue is that I am not authenticating correct?

If I send:

PASS oauth:thenmyoauthtoken
it disconnects immediately

but if I send NICK justinfan123 it connects fine.

is there a different authentication mechanism for the websocket method?

thanks for your replies.

Make sure you enter and send the commands separately (not at once on multiple lines) in the Request-field, then it should work.

You’re probably confusing statements that whsipers might be moving off IRC in the future. IRC for regular chat isn’t going anywhere.

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