IRCv3 and Joins/Parts

I was wondering if IRCv3 will have a way to still get Joins/Parts in order to have an up-to-date userlist and show Joins/Parts if the user wishes. Maybe something like an extra capability. If it isn’t available anymore I would have to poll the chatters API endpoint, and I’m a bit uncomfortable doing that since it’s unofficial and may not be as stable as the Kraken API.

Most people solve this by having 2 connections, one with IRCv3 and the other which receives JOIN/PARTS. We have thought about supporting JOIN/PARTS as an IRCv3 capability, but at the moment it is not available.

Thanks for your answer. I implemented a secondary connection for the userlist and it seems to work ok. It seems a bit odd to have two connections for every user that uses my program though.

Why are JOINS and PARTS hidden if the user enables IRCv3 stuff? Surely it would be more efficient to continue sending them instead of making users use two connections.

It’s because the vast majority of clients (most notably the web chat) won’t need the JOINs and PARTs.

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