Is bits_voting_enabled depricated?

The API seems to just silently drop the parameter.

// POST [..]
"bits_voting_enabled": true,
"bits_per_vote": 100

// RESPONSE (200 OK) [..]
"bits_voting_enabled": false,
"bits_per_vote": 0,

This this feature is deprecated.

I understand any clietnID that has used polls in the last couple of months were emailed about this change.

I started building an app a month ago where this feature would’ve been a key component, and created the token 3 weeks ago. I’ve been using a mock function for the poll while developing, no email.

Once again twitch just pulls the rug with no notice.

Is an announcement or a deprecation warning too much to ask for?
Why not slap a deprecation label onto the param in the docs while the emails was sent out?
The docs are still unchanged and no mention of a deprecation.

To confirm, Bits voting in polls was deprecated and leading up to the broader product update, we emailed all developers who had used the Create Poll endpoint in the previous month. Given the usage and inability to announce the change in advance of the broader product update, we concluded that direct email communication was the best option. Apologies that this was unfortunate timing for your application. When it is possible to give further notice, we publish developer product updates in the announcements section of this forum.

To minimize disruption to applications, the endpoint began to ignore the “bits_voting_enabled” and “bits_per_vote” optional query parameters on the same day rather than return errors. All polls have “bits_voting_enabled” set to false and “bits_votes” set to 0 upon creation.

There is no immediate change to the response fields to further limit disruption. The following Bits-related fields will eventually be removed, but we do not have a date to provide at this time. It will be communicated in the announcements section.

Update (2023-11-07): The following Bits-related fields are scheduled to be removed on January 23, 2023. See this announcement for more details.

data > choices > bits_votes
data > bits_voting_enabled
data > bits_per_vote

You are correct that the documentation was not updated on Tuesday with the product update (that’s on me), though they should be updated by today.

Is there a reason or a place where we can read and understand the decision behind the removal of this feature? I know of streamers who utilized the feature and I was (not that’s removed) on an application which utilized this feature.

There’s even a portion of the community asking for the feature back.

But we generally missed this announcement or it was not published at all?

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