Is GameID a stable Id?

Quick question to anyone who knows this.

The gameIds which are returned from a “get-streams” response. Can we reasonably expect those Ids to remain stable over time?

Yes but also no.

Twitch uses data from IGDB to populate their own categories with.

There are some cases where a game name of ID foo will get deleted from Twitch for whatever reason.
Then get readded to Twitch with a new ID of bar.

Generally speaking gameID’s should be stable.
But I only tend to cache this data for 24 hours and refetch as needed.


So if I wanted to continuously add analytics information for those “games” over the course of a year. Would I be better off trying to use the game name for a “primary key” as opposed to the GameID ?


What ever works best for you.

Since in theory a game could also change names

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