Is it allowed to include banners inside the extension panel?

Just curious,

Would it be possible to include banners from our backend’s ad service in the extension panel? (Google Adsense in my case), or even an ad service affiliated with Twitch, and split the commission between Dev, Twitch, and Streamer?

Would be nice to be able to monetize the extensions in this way. Just curious. Thanks for the feedback!


There are clauses in the guidelines/rules about monetisation of non twitch/amazon actors. Which sounds like what you are trying to do.

Also there are rules about promoting people clicking away from unless that click is directly required for the extension functionality.

So expect twitch to reject this extension

There is a third policy violation:

Don’t submit an extension which:

  • Contains advertisements or sponsorship content (excepting your own developer branding).

I encourage everyone to read the policies associated with building Extensions!

Ah yes. My favourite one!

Forgot about that one since I was mobile this morning and replying. Just like now.

I have an approved and functional extension… Just asking. Thanks for the snark tho :wink:

My original question was more aimed like this… let me rephrase…

Twitch already has an advert service with which they split commissions with the streamer. Is there any plans for such a service to co-exist with extension panels, wherein the revenues would be split between streamer, developer, and twitch.

No snark was intended. Very confused where you saw snark in my statement, and wish to know where it was so I may adjust my use of language.

My initial reply was made on mobile, whilst on my wander to work, so any brevity I apologise for.

I have three. So not sure the relevance here…

In App Purchases using “real” money and bits are already in the pipeline/beta/testing/early access.

It’s not part of the “advert service”, and last time I checked the Roadmap I didn’t see anything specifically relating to channel adverts (/commercial chat command) becoming part of extensions, in any particular form. But something might occur if enough people want something like that.

This post was tagged as “extension idea” for a reason. It’s a question seeking insight on whether Twitch has interest in doing an ad/extension relationship. ie, view an ad to use the extension, and all 3 parties (twitch/streamer/dev) get paid. Sounds like its not, which is all you had to say.

the reference to snark, and the response of “my extension is already approved”, came from your response insinuating i’m trying to get some extension approved with invalid features. “expect twitch to reject this extension”. That was an unexpected remark on an “idea” post.

Thanks, carry on.

I apologise then.

I didn’t get the impression from your Original Post, and felt this was posted in the wrong category, given the title of

Is it allowed to include banners inside the extension panel?