Is it possible for an Overlay Extension to default / automatically open and/or close?

Is there any way to for an Overlay Extension to default to open position?
In other words, instead of an overlay extension appearing as a thumbnail as option to open, is it possible that either
a) The extension can self open by means of running an API call?
- and/or -
b) The streamer who’s installed an Overlay can control whether or not it defaults to displaying without visitors having to click.

Along the same lines, is it possible for an Overlay Extension to self-minimize?

Yes you’d enable it in the overlay slot instead of a component slot.

Overlays start open.
Component’s need to be opened by the user.

An overlay extension in the overlay slot starts open


This function causes your video-component or video-overlay extension to be minimized.

You call that and it will minimize video overlay or video componenet

No thats not possible, but if you are active in the “overlay” slot you can make all your stuff be “display: none;” and respond to your custom API to become “display: block”

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Thanks BarryCarlyon, super helpful


An overlay extension in the overlay slot starts open
That’s great news. Though we had a mixed experience on this:

The extension in question is 'FullScreenOverlay" only, Component not enabled.
BUT for the most part it appeared as a thumbnail on the right side of the screen requiring a click to open. Occasionally it opened automatically on page load.

How we tested:
Launching the streamer’s page numerous times during a day of streaming, sometimes logged in to Twitch, sometimes not logged in, and frequently closing the browser window, clearing cache and cookies, and re-launching. We tested using Chrome & Safari on a Mac OS Laptop.

Any reason why we would get mixed results throughout the course of a day?
(We were viewing always on the same channel)
Are there circumstances when a FullscreenOverlay DOES default to thumbnail?

Sounds like you have an browser extension/plugin that is setting the extension to be minimised on launched.

This is not normal behavior

  • FullScreenOverlay starts open.
  • It cannot start closed.
  • IT doesn’t remember between page reloads if it was minimized or not

Under vanilla Twitch, ZERO