Is it possible to find the starttime (not only date)?

I want to know when a video start broadcast…twitch only show 12. Sept 19 or something…but not 12. Sept 19 at 12:30! Is it possible to find the time over API or the webpage??

For example:

      "started_at": "2017-08-14T16:08:32Z",

Yes :wink: But it is not possible to use this option with an easy link? I have to build the hole API? It is in a forensic sense…we need to know when the user starting the video.

You’ve come to the third party developers forum to ask how to do something with the API and don’t want to use the API?

Well only the endpoints you are interested in

You either fetch it from streams end point or can look at the videos endpoint for historical information.

The Twitch main website only floats dates to the UI not the time of the start/publish.

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