Is it possible to force a 5min delay of Twitch stream?

I’m wanting to hold a 1v1 contest between several different groups of players. I was going to have them stream their gameplay to verify that no one is cheating or uploading edited videos (verify by the time the stream started). However, one of them brought up the point that an opponent could just pull up the other player’s stream on a laptop and screen-watch the whole time for an in-game advantage.

Is there a way users can force Twitch to delay their streams by a few minutes to prevent this from being of any use to the opponent? I don’t know of another logical way to prevent this problem. Any ideas would be appreciated as well.

I don’t think you can force a delay for other streamers but you could check the delay as soon as the stream goes online via the API. and look for the delay value in seconds. (Channels docs)

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Sorry I’ve not used Twitch very much myself and can’t figure it out. Does the user select how much delay there is? What is the maximum delay?

I believe OBS and XSplit both offer delay features. If you are a Twitch partner you can contact support and inquire about the delay feature offered as part of the partnership program.

Thank you for all your help. Does it cost money to be a Twitch partner? Couldn’t find my answer by Googling. It sounds like you have to be a decent sized operation to become a partner, so I’m not sure if that’s a feasible idea right now.

I plan on this project getting bigger, but right now it’s in the testing stages so I don’t have many visitors for that reason.

What I would do in this situation is if you are using streaming software like OBS you can run a stream delay right off the OBS program.

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