Is it possible to get app info from just a Client-ID?

From time to time I find examples with working client-id and it’s so easy to copy-paste just for quick research. But eventually I’d like to know if those ids are intentionally kindly exposed for learning or represents fraud app that I should never associate my ip/credentials with.
This topic looks similar but it answers about a user info not an app.

ClientID’s are public.

They form part of the URL when a user authenticates.

It’s impossible to hide a ClientID.

You should use your own ClientID regardless.
Since you can then generate an App Access Token and use that to call the API with (which requires the client secret).

Thanks for clarification.
But anyway can I get any info about an app just by its Client-ID?

Short of it’s name if you can guess what a valid redirect URI is for the ClientID. No.

That said, there is no other information about a ClientID.

A clientID has:

  • The ClientID
  • A name
  • A non recoverable Client Secret
  • One or more Redirect URI’s
  • a category (which is just used internally by Twitch if they review a clientID probably)

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