Is it possible to get the ID or list of all non-game related categories created by Twitch (Just Chatting, Art, etc)?

Is it possible to get the ID or list of all non-game related categories created by Twitch (Just Chatting, Art, etc)?

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Very interessting request, would love to see the result :grinning:
The only way I know is by checking the category ids for an igdb_id:

However some games are missing their IGDB ID’s

There is not simple way to achieve this.

All games should have a igdb_id but in many cases won’t.
Either from the game being manually created, or it’s a tool that was added to the categories list and not present on IGDB, or it’s one of the non game categories such as Just Chatting.

So why do you need/what is your use case for the non game categories, this will help us point you in the right direction.

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I would like to make a command for a chatbot that allows moderators to change the category. At the same time, allow moderators to enter short names for some categories and so that the bot can correlate these names with the full ones.

The problem for me is that the game IDs have to be looked up in IGDB, and the categories created by twitch have to be looked up through the query “”, which, from - due to the features of the search, it can return a lot of “garbage” categories.

Actually, I thought that perhaps there is a better way to get the data you need, but apparently there is no such way. Therefore, I will be guided by igdb_id. Thanks for answers.

That would trip up gloriously on things like Pokemon.

I find these days if you don’t know the exact name of the game you want then a bot command has a lot of limitations.

Sure you can create and store alias’s, but that would require an external dashboard to create those.

Personally I feel that a bot command for setting a game is too limiting, due to the lack of UI space for effective “search for a category”

Even just removing “Just Chatting”/etc from the pool doesn’t help here, since theres often a lot of games with similar names so can easily mis match too easily.

Even more so for “hand of godded” games that were since those are often similar names, or in the example of pokemon, each generation is two games, but twitch will group them together into one category.

Or recently hitman, do you mean hitman 1,2,3, or the bundle world of Assassination? Using a bot command with a shorter name hoping to match the right thing will only go so far I feel, so if you did !changegame hitman that would hit too many games, (similar issues would exist with other games just an example I thought of, off the top of my head)

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