Is it possible to publish a unity game as an extensions?

I’d like to make the game Unity as an extension, but the main problem is that ist impossible to build code that will be human readable and that violates the Extension Review Guidelines (2.5).

Is it possible to get around this rule if I include the source code of the game in the review?

You are allowed to submit your code in the review process, however you are going to come across more issues along the way than just source code.

As you have to host all assets on the Twitch servers you may come across an issue with the Unity web player not working.

This is what I came across two ish years ago anyway.


Thank you for your reply. I managed to start the game in Hosted Test mod

You don’t need Unity web player anymore. You can use asm.js

Okay, I’m trying to confirm if there are any more issues. There may be stuff that is hidden until the moment you get into a released state.

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