Is it possible to read Twitch chat from a c# application?

I am running a C# game server and a Unity client. Sometimes players stream the game.

I would like it so if viewers type certain commands, like “!play” for example, it has some effect on the in-game experience for the streamer.

I’m brand new to the Twitch API/Developers community - can someone explain me to me how I should approach this problem? What Twitch ‘terms’ should I be searching for?


Yup! You can either connect to Twitch via irc/websocket yourself, or you can use one of the existing libraries that does it for you. Here are a few that come to mind:

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Amazon’s Lumberyard (game engine) has some Twitch functionality that’s similar at You can’t use it directly if you’re using Unity but it has some organization around the topic that you could consider when doing investigation.

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