Is it possible to subscribe to events using the twitch-cli mock server?

Hey folks,

I’ve used the mock-api succesfully to test predictions / other api things. However, I’ve been falling short testing my eventsub.

My question is: I notice that we can trigger eventsub events with the callback url using the twitch cli. However, I do see that we need to subscribe before we can receive any events (at least, this is my understanding reading the eventsub documentation). I’ve never dealt with GO but I tried poking through the twitch-cli repo and haven’t found anything in the endpoint folder. I’m sure I could’ve missed something though.

If it is possible, could anyone point out what I’m doing wrong in my local setup / test since I keep getting a 404 page not found when trying to subscribe to an event with my code.

I’ve followed the instruction here and have my mock-api server running at localhost:8080. I’m able to do these two operations POST auth/token and GET /mock/users. However, as soon as I try to use the eventsub API, I get a 404.

In this case, I’m using python to post to the mock server and this is my code snippet:

data = {
            'type': 'channel.follow',
            'version': '1',
            'condition': '{'broadcaster_user_id': '71045017'}',
            'transport': {
                'method': 'webhook',
                'callback': '',
                'secret': [randomly generated secret]
        response = self.__api_post('localhost:8080/ + 'eventsub/subscriptions', data=data)

the broadcaster_user_id is generated by the mock-api and the method __api_post simply builds the headers and does a post to subscribe to the event.

I’m sure I’m missing a step in here but I’ve been scratching my head for days and can’t figure it out.

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