Is logging twitch chat for later analysis allowed?

Before I start working on a program for analysing chat data, I would like to know if anyone knows if it’s against the Twitch Terms of Service or Developer Agreement to log chat data for later use. My concern arises after reading through some of the Developer Agreement, where it’s stated, under the section chat, that:

“Only retain chat logs as necessary for the operation of Your Services or to improve Your Services; do not do so for the purpose of creating public databases, or, in general, to collect information about Twitch users.””

I think it is, as anyone can do by logging into a justinfanXXXXXX account for read-only.
I’m also interested by an official answer as I am working on a platform for insights for streamers, maybe @DallasNChains or @3ventic can answer us?

Even if it is forbidden, it cannot be enforced because chat is public and there will always be chatloggers. overrustlelogs is one example of a universal chatlogger, and he wasn’t shut down yet

Per the Terms of Service, this isn’t allowed. You would need to talk to our legal department to set up an agreement for commercial or analytical purposes.

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