Is_mature attribute in the Twitch API

Since last June, I believe the content classification system took over with more details rather than the usual is mature content or not.
However, in the Get Streams endpoint I’m still receiving results like is_mature=False GTA V streams, which should not be possible given that when a streamer chooses GTA V when editing stream info, it automatically applies “Mature Content” on it
So what does the is_mature value in the Get Streams endpoint mean nowadays? And does a is_mature=False GTA V stream behave differently than an is_mature=True GTA V stream, perhaps in different countries?

is_mature is always false
It is a deprecated falg that has not been removed from the API

CCL’s take over and is a seperate field returned as part ot “Get Channel Information” - Reference | Twitch Developers

CCL’s for a given channel are not returned on Get Streams (at time of writing)

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