Is my Bot allowed?

Hello all,

I have some questions regarding my twitch bot, because I have not found any information by myself which answer these!

How I have created the bot: For my bot I have created an own Twitch account (to seperate it from my main/private account). I have got the client-id and client-secret to authenticate my Twitch bot during execution of my NodeJS code.

What the bot is doing: You could say that the bot is some mixture of “lurx/commanderoot” and “streamlabs”. In principle the bot sits in many channels automatically and offers some extra commands if the bot is “accepted”.(Currently 1 extra command)

My questions are:

  1. Do I need to register the bot somewhere else? I know that you can get the verified or known bot status, but I really don’t want to fill in my real full name. Also, for myself I don’t need the increase of the rate-limits since I am still having a prototype. But is it necessary to register the bot somewhere or can I just use the account as a bot?

  2. Is the strategy allowed? I think the command should be okay, it can only be executed by the chat if the streamer makes my bot to a moderator or vip (current strategy to avoid abuse). But on the other hand I will place my bot in chats where I have never asked the streamer for permission. Other bots like lurrx and commanderroot are doing it as well, so I thought it might be okay. So what do you think, are my “actions” allowed?

Short note: I fulfill some of the information required in the limit-increase form
“Is there a panel on the bot’s Twitch channel with the following? *
(1) Owner contact information, (2) Bot description, (3) Instructions on how to add the bot to a channel, and (4) Instructions on how to remove the bot from a channel”

  1. No, only private messages over the bot account. (but I have stated this)
  2. Yes. All description is in a specific language (not english) but my bot will also only appear in chats of this specific language
  3. The bot is “added” automatically to every stream which is online and in the specific language. I have not stated this in the description of the info panel, since it is not controlled by the user.
  4. Yes, also written in the specific language. There is an extra command or they can bann me from the chat. Both works.

I appreciate any help!
Can you also let me know if this is the right category for these questions?

It’s a grey area.

Bots shouldn’t join a channel automatically, bots should only join a channel if requested by the channel owner.

This will likely result in a limit increase being denied.

As bots shouldn’t join a channel uninvited and start spewing chat messages.

You’ll likely end up with the bot getting reported a lot for spam.

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It’s also worth keeping in mind that Twitch don’t disclose their anti-spam measures, but I would imagine that an account trying to mass join all live channels, being subsequently banned in a lot of channels, and also sending messages rather than just lurking, could raise a few eyebrows at Twitch.

Bots like commanderroot don’t send messages to channels they idle in, and bots like Moobot, Nightbot, the streamlabs stuff, they are all bots that have gone through the process to be a known/verified bot, so beyond the rate limit increases that may or may not have an impact on the anti-spam measures.

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Thanks for your answer!

Sorry if I was unclear in my previous description. My bot doesn’t send any messages to the streamers chat. So it is just a lurker.
Extra commands will also be only available if the streamer want’s it. (by making the bot a mod or vip)

Then they (the broadcaster) should add the bot to their channel via a you defined mechanism, not join and lurk to start with.

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Thanks Barry!
Whats about joining uninvited and just being a lurker?

I think there was some misunderstanding in my description. I don’t write any message in the chat of the streamer. My bot becomes only more than a lurker if the streamer makes the bot to a mod or vip. Even then, no messages are posted

I understand where this is comming from, but as you might imagine its pretty hard that the people even know your bot/your offer exists

If your bot doesn’t send any messages, how will they know it exists?

if you want to promote your bot because it doesn’t something specific, then you need to post it to places such as the Twitch Reddit.

Just having it present in chat won’t advertise your bot

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Hey @Barry,

I have thought a little bit about the previous answers I got, and I have decided to overthink my concept in general.
Tbh I don’t want to play in the grey zone, risk losing the bot account (what I have probably done… whoops) or get in any kind of trouble with the Twitch rules.
I think I got valuable answers to my question and good ideas how to promote my bot better than just joining random streams (e.g. reddit, or my friends which already using the bot)

Thanks! :slight_smile:

You might also have some fun as if you get banned from a specific when you try to join that channel you’ll get a nice “not allowed in message” and you keep trying to get in repeatedly it’ll flag up as a bad behavior bot in theory (not honoring a request to bugger off, by keep trying to join, and you wouldn’t be keeping a cache of where you get banned from as you won’t know if you get unbanned, which is why for a “functional” bot as apposed to a lurk/stats bot, you just want to run “streamer opt in” not “streamer promote the bot to enabled commands”)

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