Is online status still from streams endpt in v5 api?

Hello there!,
I did a review of the api docs and forums, and googling a lot but can’t find the answer, so,

For version 5 of the api, is it still valid to check the streams endpoint for "status’ of “null”, meaning the stream is offline? Is there some other status to check? I have not been able to get any streams that are offline. Is there an assumption that all streams are online? If so, is there another endpoint or status to check? Thanks!

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With stream null is the correct place to check


thanks for your response. Do you mean that a check should be done if the channel id === null or undefined in the streams?

So far I’ve not come across a case where streams status === null on v5 of the api.
I think this is a change from older versions?

Could you please clarify? thanks!

For example, you make a call to You will get back a stream object that is null because I’m not currently live. You can see examples in the documentation:

Hi Dallas,

when I do the curl to this endpoint …/streams/44322889 I get back no response on my terminal line. When I do the call using http and getting the json I get this:
“Not Found”
“Channel ‘44322889’ does not exist”

I think in v3 the response used to be status:null. But if now the status “does not exist” means null stream, that is what I need you to please clarify.



I made a mistake, the curl output does indeed show {status:null} but the http request does not show status:null, but the error message. How do I send a http request to get the status null?
Here’s what I am doing now:

var url = ‘’;
{ method : ‘jsonp’ ,
url: url,
dataType: “jsonp”,
headers: { ‘Accept’: ‘application/vnd.twitchtv.v5+json’ },
params: { client_id: ‘xxxxxxetc’, format: ‘jsonp’, callback: ‘JSON_CALLBACK’, limit: $scope.limitview } })
.success(function(data) {

this give an error instead of stream: null

thanks for any help!

Hi Dallas,

I found where I was making the mistake in the endpoint call. I set the variable url to the channels endpoint and that’s what was causing the problem. thanks for your help!

jsonp data type doesn’t support custom headers, use json or specify api_version: 5 in the params instead. Your method should probably be GET.

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