Is Possible to develope betting APP?

hello, i am trying to develop betting app using the Twitch api but i am facing the the problem to get proper detail from API means i can not get the Team detail who is playing the game and who is the winner ? can you help me to get this detail?

As in, for example, the streamer is playing CSGO, and you want to know who wins?

Twitch API doesn’t present that information. Twitch is very limited on what information it has about whats actoually going on inside a game a streamer is playing, and generally it’s limited to what map or character a streamer is playing and that was only for Overwatch/some FPS titles. And last I checked this was deprecated in v5 and v5 itself is deprecated

This also may not be permitted as a valid use case of the API, you should read carefully. There are also a great many legal laws worldwide you would have to be compliant with

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