Is possile change the Redirect name generated by the api?

Hi, is possible change the word “found” generated after execute the curl of the api ?

html generated by the curl api

<a href=";oauth_request=false&amp;;redirect_uri=https%3A%2F%localhost%2F&amp;response_type=code&amp;scope=user_follows_edit+user_read+channel_read&amp;username=">Found</a>

the word Found can be changed without jquery? i cant see anything on json for change this

my html generated that i want to change

<a href="My api generated link">Found</a> is not for your application to make a request to; it’s where you send your user to authorize your application.

yes i know that is the code the curl generate in my web, bbut i want to change the “found” text bbut i am not sure how, i am makking the request by curl_init of php with;redirect_uri=http://localhost/1&amp;response_type=code&amp;scope=user_follows_edit+user_read+channel_read

That’s your php application making a request. Redirect or link the user to that URL in the browser instead.

yea i want to make that, but i dont have possibility of get the redirect link, the curl_exec dont return me a link!

fixed, curl_getinfo return the array value!, ty anyway

As 3v said.

You should not be using curl, you are supposed to redirect or provide a link for the user to click on, you don’t fetch the page using curl.

Step 1 as documented here:

Is NOT an instruction to perform a curl request. you either place the inside a a href:

<a href="">Login</a>

Or behind something like

<a href="/login/">Login</a>

And the login page does a


There should be no activity performed for step one of oAuth via cURL

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