Is Rate Limits Docs Entry outdated?

I have 2 game IDs I need to fetch streams for so I generate API request like this:

As I mentioned - it just 2 gameIDs. I update local cache each 5 minutes, these games are absolutely dead and there is at best 5 streams per days happen.

Now, the question, with 30 different requests per minute - how in the hell do I manage trigger rate limit at all? I’m getting it constantly, it just bullshit.

Are you sure you’re not performing any other requests, and are you sure whatever timer you’re running every 5 minutes is correct?

The docs are correct, and if you’re hitting the rate limit then you must be making too many requests somewhere. Are you monitoring the rate limit headers to ensure the values you’re getting are correct?

Yeah, it is super-weird. Getting the same with bearer token.

 00:10:23 - app start
 00:15:26 INFO:        [Twitch] Generated url:
 00:15:33 ERROR:        Response status code does not indicate success: 429 (Too Many Requests).

And that’s the only app you have running on that IP, nothing else making requests? And when you use a Bearer token, can you show us your rate limit headers to confirm it is giving you the increased limit.

Could you show us the code snippet where you’re making the request? Also, please provide game_ids you’re trying to get data for.

I tested it locally and everything works fine.

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