Is the API down at the moment?

Hey TwitchDevs,
Is the API down at the moment ? And if so is there any indication when it will be back online?


The TwitchAPI is not found.

Chat Commands are however dead nad gone forever.

So what are you trying to do that isn’t working.

And why have you necro’ed this post? (I’ve moved your post/reply to a new thread as such)

So you cannont use the API on IRC on twitch then? I cant find the thread you have moved sorry

This is the moved thread

Chat commands are no longer called via chat. (Shutdown as of last Friday, please use the API isntead fo IRC)
Chat commands are not “API” per sae, thats HTTP Calls to (hence me trying to clarify what you mean by “API being down”

So I’m not sure what you are asking.

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