Is the /search/streams/ part of the api broken?

Searching for any game seems to have random results. This has been working for the past year or so, but within the last week at some point it broke. - This one resolves correctly, it only returns that game. This one brings back some of the correct result, but also some streams that aren’t related at all including FIFA and Hearthstone.

It gets even crazier, because some channels (currently and are being returned for multiple games.

Here is my output: (in the right-hand sidebar)

Here is a copy of part of the api call at the time that I’m making this topic


{"_total":1320,"_links":{"self":"","next":""},"streams":[{"_id":14690224560,"game":"Diablo III: Reaper of Souls","viewers":1117,"video_height":1080,"average_fps":59.9826803812,"created_at":"2015-06-02T15:09:01Z","preview":{"small":"","medium":"","large":"","template":"{width}x{height}.jpg"},"_links":{"self":""},"channel":{"mature":false,"status":"Quin69 | Gabymode Activate | Day 242/365","broadcaster_language":"en","display_name":"Quin69","game":"Diablo III: Reaper of Souls","delay":0,"language":"en","_id":56649026,"name":"quin69","created_at":"2014-02-12T11:14:23Z","updated_at":"2015-06-02T22:16:03Z","logo":"","banner":null,"video_banner":"","background":null,"profile_banner":"","profile_banner_background_color":"#000000","partner":true,"url":"","views":3158464,"followers":54699,"_links":{"self":"","follows":"","commercial":"","stream_key":"","chat":"","features":"","subscriptions":"","editors":"","teams":"","videos":""}}}

If your goal is to only display live streams than you will want to use /streams with the game parameter instead:

For my output I need viewer counts as well. game search doesn’t seem to have that unless there’s another parameter I can add?

oh wait, I’m wrong. it is returning viewers. pheww.

I posted an issue on GitHub, maybe yours it’s the same problem i’m describing:

Link to post

Yup, that’s exactly it. Thanks for having more details =)

Current status of the problem with /search/streams

      Not returning random streams for whatever reason. 

Currently streaming for the game Ultra Street Fighter IV:

2,117 viewers on FrameTrapTV

109 viewers on Rayoux

93 viewers on MDZ_jimmY

23 viewers on SinPhawks

17 viewers on classicfgctv

14 viewers on Xanoz_Ichimonji

8 viewers on AZAZEL_87

6 viewers on Xladyvalentinex

6 viewers on Akkirulez

But when you look for

you get {"_total":0 …


you get {"_total":1 …

and it shows the info.

So of the list of current top USF4 streams in the directory (I
refreshed again to make sure they are still live and they are) There are
only 4 showing. MDZ_jimmY, classicfgctv, xladyvalentine, akkirulez.

This happens for pretty much every game I’m searching for.

Using the api call

The streams that can’t be searched by themselves also don’t show up in the game name search.

haven’t done full testing, but seems much better now from just looking at the results and remembering what I saw before. I’ll do more conclusive testing tomorrow.

Still broke. Inconsistent results too. Sometimes it’s working fine, sometimes not.

Yeah, it would be great if someone with some internal insight on the issue could give us a heads up about where is the search API heading and when will it be stable.

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