Is there a way to color or make a word bold in twitch chat

I’m writing a small bot where I’d like the bot to respond with a single or a part of a sentence with a word coloured or bold for easy recognizing that part of the message.

How would I go about doing that ? I tried simple <b></b> tag hoping that some html parsing could do it. I tried IRC \02 and other similar ways to do what I wanted.

now I’m at my wits end and hope that anyone here could give me a way to underline, colour or bold a word or partial sentence for easy eye-catching. ?

Oh and I’m using Python 3.6 for the bot and are using twitch own example on github as a guide to assemble the bot.

Other than using a mention, @username, or an action, /me ..., there is no way you can cause the text you send to be displayed differently for others.

There are browser extensions like FFZ and BTTV (as well as tweaking the chat yourself) that can do things like text highlighting but that is on your end only, there is no way to change the style of text for others.

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