Is there a way to get chatters via bearer token?

I’m creating a browser source for OBS that fetches a streamer’s followers, subs and chatters. My browser source works perfectly locally on the loopback address but I get CORS exception when loading the same browser source after pushing it to firebase.

I discovered that I was getting CORS error because does not allow a call to the<channelName>/chatters end point client side from a webpage.

Since is not intended for use by 3rd party devs it does not support CORS (access-control-allow-origin header) thus it cannot be accessed directly by a browser Javascript application. You will need to “proxy” the request through a server-side script if you need that data in Javascript. source

This is my block of code to fetch all the chatters for a given channel.

function getChatters(channelName) {
  var settings = {
    async: true,
      crossDomain: true,
      url: '' + channelName + '/chatters',
      method: 'GET'
  $.ajax(settings).done(function(response) {
    $('p#chatters').prepend(response.chatters.viewers.join(', '));
    $('p#moderators').prepend(response.chatters.moderators.join(', '));

Is there any way to get chatters via bearer token?

I use firebase + firestore.


The chatters endpoint is technically unofficial and doesn’t support CORS as you already found, hence your CORS issue.

You’d have to bounce it via a proxy as you already noted.

boom that was fast, thanks @BarryCarlyon

Off to cloud functions it is then.

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