Is there a way to get lifetime stats on followers?

Can you get a the following lifetime stats of followers

  • days following
  • bits
  • subs
  • gifted subs

if you collected it in real time 100% for sure.


  • Day followed

use the API to get the followed_at date of the follow Reference | Twitch Developers

  • Bits

You can infer this from the users bits badge in chat, if they have one.

  • Subs

the API doesn’t present the month/tenure information, so consume from chat or the sub.message event sub topic

  • Gifted Subs

again either from chat (if total is enabled) or eventsub (if total is enabled) cumulative_total - EventSub Subscription Types | Twitch Developers

thanks and outside of days followed from the API, the rest rely on the person actively chatting for me to get that information?

and if they have been inactive for a while, that data will remain hidden until they decide to say hi again?

pretty much yes

bummer. and thanks!

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