Is there a way to pull all the channels on Twitch?

How could I go about pulling all the channels on Twitch? What endpoint would I use to do this?

Thank you!

By “all channels” do you mean

  • All Users that are both streaming and not streaming
  • All Users that are streaming?

What’s your use case for pulling ALL channels. Usually this sort of thing errs towards breaking the developer agreement…

Hi BarryCarlyon,

Thank you for your response! I am attempting to pull channel data and find channels with the most followers. Do you have a recommendation on how to do this?

How do sites like or get their data? Through the same API that we have access to?

Thank you!

For a start, a lot of those sort of analytics sites only deal with users that actually stream, not all users on Twitch, this limits their api requests to just polling through the streams endpoint. Things like follower counts is tracked much less frequently as it’s simply not a valuable metric to have in shorter intervals.

There’s a tradeoff between accuracy and scale when it comes to analytics. For example, those sites you listed give an okay ‘general view’ of how they’re performing, and in the case of twitchtracker they seem to be vastly inaccurate from what I can tell, so likely don’t poll very often or track much at all.

If you want more precise data, and covering a much wider range of analysis then you’ll have to focus on a smaller subset of channels. For example I do analytics for a handful of channels, providing minute by minute data and in far more detail than any of those sites, but by contrast I could never scale up to the size of those site because it would require terabytes of data and crazy amounts of compute power when scaled to that size with this level of detail.

So what you should figure out is precisely the scope of the data you wish to collect, and this will often be the determining factor into which endpoints you want to hit and how frequently, and then just start calling those endpoints and collecting data in a way that’s within your rate limit.

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Thank you very much Dist!

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