Is there a way to see if someone using an emote is subscribed to the person whose emote they are using?

The twitch chat manages to differentiate between people who are and are not subbed to someone when they type in the text for an emote. Is there a way to detect that through the API?

The Subscriptions API is documented

Maybe I misread but I only saw an option for retrieving a list of your own subscribers, not for if the person using an emote is subbed to the person whose emote he is using

Correct. This is what the API offers. You need broadcaster permission from the broadcaster to check subscriber status via the API.

Since you said “API” this is what I thought you were after.

Well the emote only “works” and has emote placement in the IRC message tags if they are subscribed to the channel that emotes belongs to.

Like if I use a lirk emote it’ll just show up as plain text with no placement rules, because I’m not a lirik sub.
But if I use a cohh emote it shows up with the image and the placement rules.

For example

@badge-info=;badges=broadcaster/1,twitchconAmsterdam2020/1;client-nonce=264ef2a063a62b6538719559afee8fe9;color=#033700;display-name=BarryCarlyon;emotes=74353:8-13;flags=;id=2e53c5f3-8fd5-47dc-b759-ba6878ba08da;mod=0;room-id=15185913;subscriber=0;tmi-sent-ts=1594594886854;turbo=0;user-id=15185913;user-type= :barrycarlyon! PRIVMSG #barrycarlyon :lirikBB cohhHi


You’ll see in emotes of the tags it only has placement rules for the cohhEmote in the message, but not lirikEmote because I’m not a lirik sub.

Oh that’s interesting, thanks! Is there a way to get the channel that emote comes from? Sorry if this is a weird line of questioning, I mostly just want to get the name of the channel that the people are using the emotes of from only if they are subscribed. I’m guessing thats not one of the tags and I’d have to do that in a separate request?

Nope as theres no emotesetID to channel endpoint

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