Is there an API for using

Xbox one and Fire TV Twitch App use to authorize, first the App generates a code, then you enter the code at, done, so neat and simple.

I am wondering if there is An API available for this?

For example, here is the doc for youtube device authorization:

youtube: server-side:
twitch: Authorization Code Flow:

youtube: client-side:
twitch: Implicit Grant Flow:

There are a lot of similarity cause they all use oauth2, now back to youtube device, the address for post is:

Now I am wondering if twitch device address is some secret endpoint after:
only if I can find it out somehow, any suggestions is welcome, and to twitch , if this discussion is not ok in anyway, please let me know too.

This isn’t a supported flow in our API.

Then can you advise how to develop App for devices without web browser and very very limited input capability? Thanks.

For our OAuth flows, we require a web browser to open the URL as stated in our authentication documentation. If that isn’t possible, there isn’t a supported way to authenticate on those devices.

So I assume all current Apps using device code authorization methods are all made by using internal API, is there any way for thirty party App developer to get access by some kind of application / certification process?

No, there isn’t a way to get access. Everything publicly available is found in the documentation at

Thanks for super fast response.

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