Is this not possible or am I missing something? Predictions EndPoint

I’m following the documentation from Prediction | Twitch Developers So I created an application and with it’s client id and secret I’m redirecting the user to login at:

With the corresponding client id and redirect url.

With the response I request an access token by doing a POST to:

with the CODE been the code received in the previous step.

With this access token I then do a POST like this (REST Client)

Authorization: Bearer {{token}}
Client-Id: {{clientId}}
Content-Type: application/json

	"broadcaster_id": "___",
	"title": "Test prediction",
	"outcomes": [{ "title": "Option 1" }, { "title": "Option 2" }],
	"prediction_window": 300

ClientId is my application client id and token is the access token we got in the previous steps. Broadcaster ID is the ID of the broadcaster account I’m a moderator for (maybe this is the key to the issue) When sending this post I get back.

  "error": "Unauthorized",
  "status": 401,
  "message": "The ID in broadcaster_id must match the user ID found in the request's OAuth token."

I’m assuming that only a broadcaster himself can use this endpoint? But if that’s the case why it would even ask for a broadcaster id?

Is it not possible to a moderator to use this endpoint?


The list is many for why this is the case. TLDR: it helps you make sure you are talking to the right persons data.

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Thanks Barry. Will try to test with some boilerplate responses and then send to the broadcaster for him to test.

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