Is Twitch Being Updated?

Hello. So I’m new to the Forums page here.
But I’m noticing with my Nvidia Shadowplay Streaming Program for my PC Gaming that I have had trouble logging into my twitch through the Nvidia Geforce Experience Shadowplay Settings. I clicked to login and It was saying invalid name/password when they’re all correct. I just tried the same login info and it works now.
I was recently watching the ESL One Katowice CS:GO Tournament and I noticed that I had to refresh the web browser (Google Chrome) every so often because the video feed was freezing up on me. I’m currently streaming myself as well.
My Channel is:
I’m noticing too. I go on Twitch and my account won’t show up and I wait a bit and it finally comes on.
So I’m curious if there’s been some bugs being fixed in twitch? If there is I’d love to know if they’re getting fixed ASAP so I can keep streaming. Even my local Jr. C Hockey team is streaming their playoff games and we use my Gaming Laptop for the Feed from the web or even to stream it ourselves.
SO I’m curious to know what’s happening.

There have been login issues lately, see

If you continue experiencing issues, try contacting Twitch Support:

These forums are meant for technical questions regarding the integration of Twitch in third party platforms.

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