Is webkit-playsinline built into the player yet (to support inline player)?

Hi, I am new here, recently I wanted to embed the player into my iphone app, but it turns out it can only play full screen, which makes my app almost not usable, I wanted to add some thing around the player, like the chat screen. I searched around in the reddit and this forum, it seems like the player does not support webkit-playsinline, like Youtube does.

Here I found a github bug:

Can someone take a look? It seems like an easy fix?

Much thanks

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No, this isn’t built into the player as we haven’t released the HTML5 player yet. The HTML5 player that a lot of folks are relying on isn’t supported.

ok, I don’t know it is not HTML5 player yet, I thought the iframe thing is the HTML5 player, my bad, :smile:

Just a followup for this, I tried using iOS 10, with iOS 10, it supports inline video play. But by default, it still plays full screen until user toggle it. But add webkit-playsinline will let UIWebView inline play at start.

We updated this. When using the interactive JS embed, you can add playsinline: true to the options object. :slight_smile:

Work as a charm, just updated my app, thanks a lot, :grin:

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