isEligable Error (Duplicate)


This is a duplicate post for a recently released extension with an error of isEligable.

The problem is I have the same error and I tried to uninstall and then install the extension again but the error still persists. I tried it on two accounts both have access to the development version.

Do we have other ways to fix this?

Uninstall all versions from the target channel.

Thats not remove from a slot, it’s complete uninstall

Then install only the release version.

Then assuming that the channel is affiliate+ you should be good to go.

Yeah I only have 1 released version and I uninstall it, like I went directly to the extension tab, not the “My Extension” tab, and uninstall it there, I waited for about a min and clicked the “Install” button, then tried the extension but still got an error.

My first account, this account is not affiliated so I understand that it will not go through but the second account is affiliated and can receive bits but still got an error.

You can do it from the my extensions

The other thing to check is the bits permission on manage permissions


If it’s currently installed and active, on the affiliate channel, what channel and extension is it I can go have a look see.

also note you won’t be able to use bits on your own channel, in production mode. Which might be what you are running into.

Here’s the affiliate channel
[Remove Twitch Account]

Here’s the extension


looks ok here.

So I suspect you are trying to use bits on your own channel which is the trip up

Ohh, okay so that last message you send was the issue, I’m trying to use bits on my own channel.

Thank you!!

All good!

Yeah the “own channel” thing applies in production (but not dev)

Since you can’t cheer in your own channel either!