Issue reading chat with with specific Twitch account

We have a app reading the Twitch chat for the a specific authenticated account.

When I am logged in with my account we have no issues reading chat. When logged into another account we can’t seem to read chat. It used to work just fine, but now it just get’s an authentication error.

The console log error just says “Re-authentication failed” at twitch.js.

So my question is if everything is the same on our side, minus the account that is logged in, what would cause this with a specific twitch account?

I hope that made sense.

Sounds like the token for the other account expired

Re-authentication failed isn’t an error chat returns, so it’s something the lib you are using is saying.

But this sounds like a dead token.

I knows this is a vague questions, but what am I missing here? He reauthenticates and the token appears updated yet it doesn’t seem to work.

I will double check on my side that we are getting a new token, but I am sure I have checked this multiple times.

Make sure the new token has the required scopes

and check the library documentation to undetstand what Re-authentication failed actually means.

I have worked out that after the accessToken is refreshed with the refreshToken the scope on the new accessToken is different. The new scope only includes


Any idea why that would be?

Ignore that my refreshToken wasn’t updating so it was pulling some old scopes.

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