Issue resolved - post deleted


This isn’t really the correct forum for your question, but here’s some questions for you.

  1. What do you mean by “doesn’t work anymore”? What output do you expect? What are you getting?
  2. Are you running mIRC on your hosting service? If not, what is running the scripts?
  3. Have you tried debugging to see where things are going wrong? For example, adding print statements so you know where things start going wrong?


I’m not familiar with mIRC bots, so I can’t help you specifically, but by debugging, I mean figuring out exactly where the code is going wrong. For example, you can add additional “MSG $chan test” lines into your code so that you can see exactly how far it is getting before things stop working.
You can also print out your actual request (uptime in JSONHttpFetch uptime) so that you can look at it and make sure it is correct.

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