Issue with the followed endpoint on v5

Hello, I’m currently migrating from v3 to v5 and I’m running into an old issue that I used to have on v3 with the endpoint.

Sometimes the amount of online streams will drop a large amount when making a request to the endpoint, only to correct itself the next request. For example, say I have 8 channels I’m following online, it might for a single API request return only 1 stream online, then the next request show the correct 8 channels online again.

I had this issue with v3 in 2015, but seemed it was fixed and I never ran into the issue again. After now switching to v5, I’m noticing this bug happening again frequently. It started in the last hour or two. Is this just a coincidence and there is a temporary issue with the API at the moment, or is this a bug that was never fixed?

Thanks for any help.

This is not something I have observed myself, but whenever I did use this (or the streams end point) I only ever counted a stream as offline if it was not in the response for three concurrent calls where I called the end point via cron once per minute.

So it smoothed out any bouncing that occurred. Whether that was the streamer bouncing or TwitchAPI, I smoothed

These days I’m on webhooks instead

Depending on your use case for this endpoint, this might be a better solution

Webhooks won’t work in my case as I’m using the Twitch API through a desktop application and not a webserver where I would be able to specify a callback URL.

I was just wondering if tonight the v5 API was experiencing issues and it was just coincidence this bug occurred just as I was migrating to v5, or if this is an actual long unfixed bug. I have not had this bug occur on v3 for several years.

I do have some ideas to mitigate the bug if it happens, similar to what you mentioned. But it isn’t bulletproof.

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