Issues programing bot on python

Greetings, i just created this account and i havent read too much about rules and stuff so maybe i’m doing something wrong, if this is the case please tell me.

But the improtant thing is, i have been trying to make a simple bot work, connecting to the chat, reading and writing (easy stuff), but the reading part doesnt seem to work. The error occurs when i read till i get this ‘End of /NAMES list’ then it just stops not reading anything else even if i write in the chat. Sometines it gives me a ping mesagge but thats all.

This is the code:

server.send(bytes(‘PASS ‘+token+’ \r\n’,‘utf-8’))
server.send(bytes(‘NICK ‘+user+’ \r\n’,‘utf-8’))
server.send(bytes(‘JOIN ‘+channel+’ \r\n’,‘utf-8’))

while True:
print(server.recv(2048) )

channel needs to be all lower case and preceeded with a #

didnt expect that hahahah, it was weird that i could write but not read…

Thank you!

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