Issues when streamers are using

Has anyone run into an issue where if a streamer is broadcasting via they’re, in effect, invisible using the Twitch API?

So, for example, I have an interface where I can input the name of a streamer or various other criteria and that individual or individuals matching those criteria will be displayed within the interface. In testing I’m finding some streamers just don’t appear.

I asked one that I know personally and he mentioned he was using and that might be causing it. He switched to streaming via Twitch directly, and we picked him up instantly. I asked in the Discord if this was something they were aware of and they said no.

I then went through the community on Twitch, one by one, and only had about a 25% success rate finding streamers there using the API. Now I don’t know if they’re just in the community or if they’re actually using the service, but it still doesn’t seem right.

Anyone run in to this with restream or other services like it? Thanks!

This is the Twitch third party developers forum.

Not the support forums.

We cannot help you

Maybe my message wasn’t clear. Seems to be an issue on this forum. Anyway, I’ll try again. is ONE example. I’m asking if anyone has encountered this when using the API with this or any other third-party streaming app. You can fill in the blank, or you can choose to move on if you’ve not encountered this problem.

If you’re unable to help, no hard feelings. Simply read and move on and nothing but the best for you and your efforts.

Maybe I wasn’t clear. This is the third party developers forum.

If you have a problem with a stream coming from not a usual source. ie someone’s computer via say obs or xsplit. Then the fault is with the stream interrupter.

Which again us the third party devs cannot help with!

Sounds like restreamio is not sending the right data out. Which again means it’s a problem with them

Further more if it is a bug in the API we still cannot help you. You need to flag it to @twitchsupport on twitter or via not the third party developers forum.

And it’s not even remotely outside the realm of possibility that another third-party developer encountered this exact same issue, hence the post. Please.

I have no idea if this is a bug in the API, again, hence the post.

If you can’t help it’s fine. It’s no reflection on your ability as a developer to practice your craft. You’re free to move on. I’m going to refrain from entertaining your bait any longer but if anyone does have some experience with this I will gladly take the advice.

I don’t see how streams coming from something that’s not OBS, XSplit or one of the other apps might “not show up”.

A RTMP stream is a RTMP stream, no matter from what program it actually originates or how it’s created, and if the incoming RTMP stream is valid enough to trigger the actual channel to go live, it should show up on the API as such.

This sounds either like a cache issue (streams DO take a while till they show up) or your criteria don’t match something that’s set differently, like stream titles for example (as I have no idea what your “criteria” are, I can’t give a better example).

Ok, you wanna throw an insult at me fine. But you gotta listen to what I’m telling you, I’ll give you what I see the problem is.

RestreamIO works by taking a stream from someone streaming and repeating it to YouTube/Twitch/etc as a result all the the streams via RestreamIO come from the same IP, or at least a similar IP range, which I imagine to Twitch seems phisy so it drops the “duplicate” streams. This is a problem restreamIO’s side, and they need to get in touch with Twitch to see if they can resolve the issue.

Which, you guessed it, cannot be done from this forum, which is the Twitch Third Party Developers forum.

Any Twitch staff that see this thread likely won’t even be able to comment, if that is the case, as they will need to converse with RestreamIO in private to nail down the issue.

Again this means you’ll have to go back to RestreamIO to escalate the issue with them. As they will have more information on the issue with regards to which streams they are repeating are or are not showing in the Twitch API, which again, you guessed it, cannot be done on this forum.

It’s a restreamIO issue they need to chase it internally from their side.


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