Issues with Stream Searching

This may have already been discussed, but I didn’t see anything that looked like exactly what I was looking for.

I am attempting to use the stream search api to query all active streamers playing a particular game.

I am not able to actually get the amount of streams that matches the _total that is returned. If I set limit to 100, and query until I don’t see any results returned I always top out at 120 streams. If I lower the limit to 10, I am seeing much more results but still not enough to match the original total.

Is there any advice on how best to query by game and get the actual result?

How far off are the two numbers? I just tried with Overwatch, and I get back _total: 853. If I set the offset to 850, I get the last 3 results and nothing on offset 900. Also, which game are you searching?

The biggest discrepancy I see is when using a limit of 100.

Using this URL I only get 20 results back and receive a total value of 403.

Actually no matter what I send as far as limit I get back 20 results for each query… Maybe that is the overall issue… am I misusing the limit querystring?

I have confirmed that removing the limit querystring allows me to get what I want… seems inefficient to only retrieve 20 at a time, but it works.

Can you confirm that this is the process I should follow?

  • Request the first batch using the ?q= notation
  • process the batch
  • Request the next batch using the “next” link provided in the initial response
  • Process the batch
  • If the count returned is 0, stop processing, otherwise request the next batch

You’re totally right. That endpoint isn’t respecting the limit. I’ve reported this to that team and will keep you posted when it is fixed. :slight_smile:

Awesome… Thanks Dallas. I appreciate it.

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