Issues with the new Username Rename & Recycling Policy

So, with the new Username Rename & Recycling Policy there’s an issue where users are only using oauth tokens to “log in”, say with their channel bot or what have you. (As in, those users are never used like a “normal viewer” on the site)

I’m guessing logging in through chat, or using your oauth token is not considered a “login” as per the Username Rename & Recycling Policy?

How can we get around the new policy reclaiming those users?
An API endpoint that resets an account’s activity timer, provided a valid oauth token?

This is a developer API forum so it’s not really for discussion of twitch policies. I would however like to let you know it’s been noted and further clarification should be coming soon.

This is not a discussion about the policy, it is about how it affects developers on Twitch, which this policy does - in a big way.

Would love some clarification asap, as this new policy is already going live this very month.

I suppose you are right, I’m sure it’s been brought to light at this point and something is being put in place for bot names. For now it’s fairly clear, if you have logged into the account at least once in the past 12 months you are safe. So if you aren’t sure when you last logged into some of the accounts, do so now to give yourself a 12 month buffer.

Problem is, for my own accounts it’s not an issue, but it is an issue for my users who have no clue about any of this.

My app just uses their account on their behalf - they have no clue what is actually going on behind the scenes. I doubt any of them even touch their bot account after they’ve authorized it that one time. That doesn’t mean it’s an inactive account though - it’s still very much active in their chat, only not so much as a typical Twitch viewer on the site.


Is there a way to also just check if a users OAuth token has been used in the past 12months? and if so, don’t recycle the username.

Moved this to the chat category. Just as a heads up, we’re clarifying this for the different types of bots.

CC: @CBenni since you created a similar topic. :slight_smile:


Any update on this? According to the blog the recycling should’ve already started happening.

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All verified/whitelisted bots are excluded. We also identified a large number of accounts that we believe are bots and have flagged them to not be reclaimed. Please let me know if you see any ill effects!


This still excludes all the hundreds of custom bots people run; Cant IRC log in be considered as “activity”?

@CBenni We look at many factors beyond just verification and whitelisting. Hence my second sentence above. We used a ton of criteria to flag accounts for exclusion from reclamation.

All good then, I hope; Thanks. Are channels that are subject to reclaiming emailed before they are reclaimed? That would eliminate any potential for false positives.

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