JOIN/PART changes, temporary and future

that’s correct.
In addition, if you also request and and can do fancy stuff like adding a subscriber or turbo tag to usernames.

Ok, thank you for taking this doubt. I will be awaiting for the normalization of IRC servers about it to request via CAP Membership.

I recommend using the chatters api endpoint:{ChannelName}/chatters

I’m still going to complain :stuck_out_tongue:
Is there not a more centralized or organized method for communicating with developers. Sifting through these threads and post for important information seems crude. Can we sign up for a dev newsletter or something?

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How can I go to read this data from within the mIRC? I am beginner with IRC Script …

I am also new at IRC and was wondering if there is a temporary fix we can do for now to get a viewer list back.

From my experience with justin/twitch api all i can say its a really joke. Over two years they broken more than 5 times my app. Funny is that they made changes like just chnaging name from “title” to “status”
and if i compare what i could two years ago and now… now i can get less info than back then :stuck_out_tongue: (unless you care about this awesome emoicons)) Dont understand for who is this api

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I switched to reading this URL for situation like this.
change ‘twitch’ to your channel name.

Where is the documentation for this? How long will it last? Heard tmi was going byebye?

I may just be an idiot but can I get step by step instructions on how to do this? Where do I put these commands in TMI or what? This is very confusing.

See here:

Guys, I understand that when it comes to handle big userbase, you want your IRCd be as lightweight as possible, but there is a big difference between lightweight and dystrophiс. It is not that basic commans like WHO, USER, NAMES, USERHOST don’t work, even ISON (!!!) does not exist? How I"m supposed to have usable nicklist in my client? Even if I keep adding each user who says a line with an automated script, I can’t check if he is still online or not with ISON.

Using CAP Membership changes nothing.

Using CAP REQ enables JOIN and PART events just like on regular IRC servers.
So where’s the problem knowing whether someone is online or not? Listen to those events and you’re good to go

I’m pretty much the same way in that respect, through all of this, I still don’t have the slightest idea what I’m actually supposed to be doing, I’ve attempted a few things, but none of those did it.

Nothing for me, I still don’t see PART/JOIN. Nor userlist.

Unless I need premium/paid account? Lol.

As previously stated, JOIN/PART are disabled until E3 is over.

Okay, what about NAMES?

I still have no clue where to type this in, or even how to type this in. It just tells you what to type.

How and where do i input this into mIRC to get the joins and parts working again, also since twitch changed things over even though i am connected my bot wont reply with even simple scripted commands any help ?

That would sound like your bot no longer sees moderators.

So run .mods and parse the response or begin consuming the memberships CAP.
I can’t help much with that as I will not touch mIRC with a 1million foot barge pole myself.

This thread may help @foxtv69 mIRC IRCv3 tags: help!