JOIN/PART changes, temporary and future

We’re pushing out a change to temporarily disable JOIN and PART messages on TMI as a performance optimization ( even if you request the MEMBERSHIP cap ).

We’ll re-enable it for MEMBERSHIP after e3, but this is the end of JOIN / PART for basic chat connections.

Moving forward, you will be required to request the MEMBERSHIP capability to receive JOIN and PART messages.

Update: e3 is now over and this is now in effect. Membership state events are now enabled, but only for clients that have requested the memberships capability.

Note: to get NAMES from a channel, you must request the capability before you join the channel.


Maybe it’s just me, but isn’t it a bad idea to remove JOIN and PART from non-IRCv3-negotiated connections? This change would affect every person connecting with a standard IRC application.

Might I propose that requesting* capabilities disables JOIN and PART unless you’ve requested This would make it a seamless change for all normal IRC users, and will most likely cut down on the amount of confusion this change would cause for users without much knowledge of IRC.


Can we please have more advanced notice of these changes in the future?


The deprecation note has been around for a while, regarding the move to CAPS.

They HAD to make a chat change to deal with server load, so they couldn’t.

So in summary: when it comes to the health of Twitch as a whole. No, no you can’t have more warning.

This was more of a knee jerk reaction of ‘Oh, shit, E3 is blowing the house up, save the kittens that are on fire!’

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This is a joke. Why twitch cant make upgraeds without killing older apps. Remove this stupid icons if you dont know what to do.

Hi guys, I’m using the SmartIrc4Net library in order for my bot to work on Twitch.

I understand that this change may have affected the way the bot can retrieve the channel moderators list. Is there a simple way, maybe just a chat command that I’m not aware of that I can use to retrieve the channel moderators list with my bot ?

Thanks a lot in advance if you can help me about it.

.mods or /mods

Thanks a lot, I feel really stupid for not thinking about this one by myself, I was stuck on another idea :sweat:

As much as you’re already going to say no, can you please bring back Join/Part without membership? This makes things way too complicated for normal IRC users, and makes it even more of a hassle for bot developers, especially those people who are just learning themselves. I don’t really even see why this is necessary after E3 is over.

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Agreed. I need more time to cope with the deprecation of JOIN/PART please.
You also promised several weeks of advanced notice before you done this.

We DID give you several weeks of advanced notice…

When it is again activated the JOIN / PART? Ate even via CAP MEMBERSHIP? Because until then, even this off, right?

Everything you need is in the new IRCv3 stuff.

There are plenty of ways to deal with join/part without join/part as join/part has never been reliable on Twitch anyway.

There shouldn’t be any reason to be using join/part. Unless you are running a greeter script and no body likes those…

I personally don’t have a problem with join/part being removed as I wasn’t using it myself. I polled the channel list from the other API as per here: Users list in IRC clients missing for me?

No Join/Part till after E3. And then you need to request the relevant CAP as @SeeingBlue linked above

The problem is, my bot only works if it’s mod in a channel, and is op doesn’t really work. >.>

So does that mean that if I don’t do anything, the userlist for my channel on MIRC won’t ever work properly again? And if that’s the case, what is the MEMBERSHIP capability and how would I even begin to go about requesting it?

At that hinted when the servers come back to send the JOIN / PART of information we have to use a CAP MEMBERSHIP: and thus receive the same information before. My doubt is precisely whether this information together with the mIRC for example, will work perfectly as before, only to call the join / part on the remote within the mIRC.

I switched to CAPs in my mIRC like a week ago and I can confirm that it works just like it used to when using


then the command that we used before in mIRC’s remote only calling: on *: JOIN: #: for example, for the bot to perform a function when it detects that someone enters the chat, work the same way, the only thing differentIt is that we have to perform before the CAP MEMBERSHIP?