Join/Part Hexchat

So I found out about the join/part change because I was searching for why I couldn’t see viewers in hexchat anymore.

It took me a good hour and some troubleshooting w/viewer help to actually get somebody to show up in the list using the ‘CAP REQ’ command in my hexchat. It would only show the viewers though if they were already viewing, not new viewers.

Just to be clear…I only use hexchat to see what viewers are currently watching me. That’s all I need or want it to do.

What’s the best way for me to connect to hexchat and see viewers as they come in? Barney style is how I will need this info. It’s been 10 years since I used an irc client and that was just to join COD2 pugs and I had to be spoonfed on how to do that as well.

I appreciate any help on this matter.


You need to send the CAP before you JOIN.

So you should be able to get HexChat to run the CAP command before it joins any channels but after LOGIN

Ok, that makes sense and worked. Thank you.

Another question. Do I need to do this each time I start hexchat? I usually had my channel set up to autojoin once I connected to twitch.

Once again, thanks.

Yes you need to CAP on CONNECT after LOGIN and before JOIN every time you CONNECT

Thanks for the clarification sir.

Ok…nitpicking here, but I can only see people in irc once they chat in stream. Is there any command I can use to see them as soon as they enter chat?

Probably your are wrong a bit - with /membership you should see them even if they dont chat. There is just a light delay between “user really joins channel” and “twitch sends you info about this”, so someone can join channel and say something before you received info about this persons join.

After some testing you are correct.

Thank you.

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