Sorry I have looked over the GitHub pages, can I use the Twitch.api{} JS SDK to perform actions on the users / follows end point?

I don’t see a way of sending the post type of PUT and Delete in the GitHub docs.


You can add a verb to Twitch.api to specify the PUT or DELETE:

Twitch.api({method: '/users/:user/follows/channels/:target', verb: 'PUT' }, function([...]) {

Alternatively if you’d like to make the calls manually, the API supports a _method query string parameter:

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So assuming I have a data attr set on the link and window object contains the logged in user and when I logged in I passed the flag: user_follows_edit

This should work:

$('body').on('click', '.twitch-follow', function () {

  var twitch_target = $(this).attr("data-twitch-name");
  var twitch_name = window.twitch_name;
  var twitch_follow_url = "/users/" + twitch_name + "/follows/channels/" + twitch_target;

      method: twitch_follow_url,
      verb: "PUT"
    function (error, channel) {

      if (error) {

      if (channel) {



But I always get a SUCCESS response of the channel object. When I use PUT or DELETE.

Nothing happens and XHR shows a type of GET response.

Can some one do a quick test to ensure I am not going mental please :slight_smile:

It turns out I am not going mental…

<script src="https://ttv-api.s3.amazonaws.com/twitch.min.js"></script>

This file listed on the GitHub tutorial doesn’t support the verb method. It works fine when I used a downloaded version of the file on GitHub.

If you are already using JQuery I highly recommend just doing your requests through that and ditching that old and, excuse my language, piece of garbage JS SDK.

Seriously. Just use the “_method” param instead.

LOL, Ok dude ty for the insight :slight_smile:

The _method was how I noticed the issue with the amazon file missing this code.

Considering writing our own JS SDK if there is any one wanting to contribute?

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