Jump and Run game as twitch extension?

Hey! I am currently developing an overlay extension for twitch which is loading a game I have been developing for a while now. Users can click a door on stream which then opens a multiplayer game. Now as it is a jump & run you use the keyboard to control your character. I have submitted this to review and it won’t pass and I’m supposed to remove W A S D keyboard shortcuts and submit again, which would make the game unplayable. I thought shortcuts are like ctrl + s and not just “s” but I guess I was mistaken about that.

So my question is, is there any way to make keyboard inputs work with twitch extension overlays or are games like these just not possible directly on twitch?

I am aware of the

2.3 Extensions may not use keyboard shortcuts to power functionality.

point in the guidelines, my question is if there is any way to make keyboard input work for games on twitch or if I should just give up.

This is a policy ith the Guidelines and Policies

2.3 Extensions may not use keyboard shortcuts to power functionality.

This doesn’t really answer my question I’m afraid. Or it does but in a really roundabout way.

Didn’t really need to delete your post and repost the reply, since a reply it a reply in a thread regardless of if you reply specifically to me :stuck_out_tongue: (epsecially in a thread of just two people)

Yes you can do these sort of games, but no you can’t have them controlled by keyboard.

Extensions using keyboard may stops regular access keys working or could interfere with the player pause/play if you were using spacebar as a shortcut. This this leads to user/viewer comfusion (and theres no keyboard per sae for users on platforms that don’t have easy access to keyboard, such as console, tv, or mobile.


  • yes you can make games
  • no you can’t use keyboard as a game controller.
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Didn’t really need to delete your post

Thanks for pointing that out, was my first post.

Thanks for making that clear, I still think it should be possible in theory to allow keyboard input if the keys used do not interfere with the twitch player but I guess that would add time to the review. And while I was hoping there might be a way now I have some sort of certainty and can come up with a solution.

Hey uhm, sorry to ask again since I already marked it as solved but controller inputs do not count as keyboard shortcuts… right?

I don’t expect an extension that requires a controller to pass review.

See policy 4.8

Installed drivers for a controller could be inferred as downloading third-party software in order to function.

For people on console, this will count as keyboard shortcut as the only interface device is the controller. So they have no way to acces the Twitch App itself.

Similar issue on mobile, where generally someone isn’t gonna have a controller handy to pair and use.

TLDR: I don’t think this would pass review, as you require the viewer/user to have something that not everyone will have

Damn… well so much for that idea. Thanks again for clarifying. Would be nice if the policies would reflect that a bit better. Especially keyboard also meaning controller in different contexts. I think I will give optional controller support a try an see what they say about that and come up with some way to control via a cursor/touch based input.