🔸 June 12-14, 2018 – E3 2018, Booth #715

Game developers, let’s meet at E3! Join us at our booth theater to learn how your fans are engaging with your content on Twitch and how you can partner with us to grow your community even more! Swing by for the following sessions:

How to leverage interactive experiences to acquire users for your game
June 12 at 1:00PM, June 13 at 11:00AM, June 14 at 1:00PM

Launch influencer campaigns at scale with Bounty Board
June 12 at 12:30PM, June 13 at 10:30AM

How to leverage insights to optimize your games and extensions on Twitch
June 12 at 1:30PM, June 13 at 11:30AM, June 14 at 1:30PM