Just went live notification

Hi, i think im not always getting it (on the website) for the people i follow (with notification on), is it intentional or something? also whats the number it shows when it pops (e.g 47 seconds ago)? is it meant to say how long ago that person went online? or is it that the notification pop up is that old ? because i think it is like 2 minutes off the mark if it is for the online thing, or is it just my website lagging in that that case?

again today it was around 2 min behind, just curious if it is for the online thing and is supposed to be that accurate (showing in seconds) about the reason of it doing this, thanks

I believe that is how on site notifications work.

They’ll sit till the stream is confirmed to be up, which will align with when the webhook for stream up occurs. Which will be anything from 30 seconds to 3-5 minutes after the video starts.

As to not getting it, if Twitch thinks you are already on that streamers page then it won’t tell you about that stream since you are already on the page I believe.

Asking about first party stuff won’t get much of a answer on this forum since we are all third party round here. shrug